22 October 2021 – Halloween Celebration

22 Oct 2021

“Task & Treat”  organized by Peer Counsellors

The peer counsellors held the “Task & Treat” activity for S1 students on 22nd October. The aim of the activity was to encourage S1 students to take the initiative to look for their peer counsellors instead of the other way round. Needless to say, the core aim was to celebrate Halloween with our S1 students. 


S1 students had to look for their peer counsellors in the morning, during recess or after school. Instead of setting up the venue on 2/F, where the S1 homerooms are located, the peer counsellors located the activity venue at the canteen and outside the Hub.  This not only allowed S1 students to go hunt for the peer counsellors, which closely aligned with the core objective of the event, but also ensured that the venue was moderately close to their classrooms.


To receive a treat, S1 students had to answer simple questions prepared by the peer counsellors. When they successfully answered them, they could receive the treats. Yet, when they failed to do so, they could not. 


We, as the peer counsellors, are grateful that many S1 students have actively participated in our event. We hope that both the S1 students and peer counsellors have had memorable moments throughout this activity. We are looking forward to seeing our S1 students in our next gathering! Cheerios!


Jayne Tam (S5TW)

Halloween Celebration organized by Student Council

The Student Council held its first event, a Halloween Celebration on 22nd October, 2021. Being the last day before term break and the last school day of October, we hoped to continue the vibrant tradition of Halloween in our school. 

As the first official event, it was quite a success. Echoing the traditions of Halloween in HKUGAC, the dress-up/dress-down event was held with donations for charity, and Halloween treats were given to students. There was also a lucky draw, a spooky hunt, and a photo-taking booth for students and teachers to capture the beautiful moments of Halloween together. 


Having noted that in the previous two years, most events planned were put on hold or cancelled due to the pandemic, the Student Council decided to seize the window of opportunity to provide a delightful celebration for campus members. The majority of both students and teachers dressed up as characters from different drama series, most from the popular Netflix show: Squid Games. 


Students gathered on the ground floor after school, taking pictures of their creative outfits and admiring others’. Students were jubilant to see nearly the whole school participating in the event. Although everyone was still wearing masks, the warmth of their smiles radiated through. Once again students were reminded that even amidst the pandemic, the friendship and love between campus members are not dwindling but even stronger than before. 


The first event of the school year ended with laughter and joy, and as a Student Council member, I can never be prouder. With such an inspiring note, I aspire to work with my fellow members to continue with this spirit. We will work hard to provide more engaging and insightful activities for campus members to participate in, and, undoubtedly, to unite the school community. Let this Halloween Celebration mark the start of a series of wonderful activities.


Gyneth Mok S4CL (18)

22 October 2021 - Halloween Celebration22 October 2021 - Halloween Celebration22 October 2021 - Halloween Celebration22 October 2021 - Halloween Celebration22 October 2021 - Halloween Celebration22 October 2021 - Halloween Celebration