Admission Seminars

Switching of Admission Information Day from Face-to-Face to Online Mode

Our Admission Information Day for 2022-23 was planned to be in person, as a fantastic opportunity for us to celebrate our successes across all areas of the work we do here.  This generally gives all our learning Community the chance to showcase the good work we have been doing for those who are not yet part of our vibrant and progressive College. 


Recently however, our Community has been strongly affected by a sad incident. This has impacted our students and teachers in many ways and we are now in the process of coping with the loss. We trust that you will understand our considerations for the needs of all in our College, and will not feel too inconvenienced by this decision. 


We now plan to conduct our Admissions Seminars in online format.  An email has been sent to the parents who had registered before our registration deadline (11 Nov). 


We had originally scheduled to have rooms to showcase our student achievements both inside and outside the classroom.  Instead, we will be opening our virtual “Subject Gallery” where you can find a variety of inspiring highlights about students’ learning across the curriculum. The gallery will be launched on the 3rd of December and its link can then be accessed in the “What’s On?” Section of our school website We trust that you will enjoy browsing the content there.