Teaching Community


Ms. CHEN Hing, Corina


Vice Principal

Mr. CHAN Newman
Ms. CHAN Stella
Ms. LEE Cynthia


Assistant Principal

Mr. HINDES Stephen


Teaching Staff

Mr.AU LouisS3AT Class Teacher,  Physical Education Teacher,  Creative Arts and Sports Education Teacher
Mr.BARRY JarrodS4BC Class Teacher, English Teacher
Mr.BERNAL DanielHead of Philosophical Inquiry,  S2BT Class Teacher, PSHE  Coordinator (Junior), Humanities Teacher
Mr.CHAN AlanS4BC Class Teacher,  PSHE Coordinator (Senior),  Economics and Humanities Teacher
Mr.CHAN BensonS2CM Class Teacher, ICT Teacher
Ms.CHAN ChongS1CT Class Teacher, Mathematics Teacher
Ms.CHAN EmilyS3CK Class Teacher, English Teacher
Ms.CHAN FungS2TC Class Teacher,  Aesthetics  Coordinator, Visual Arts and Creative Arts and Sports Education Teacher
Mr.CHAN HodyS5CI Class Teacher, CLP Coordinator, Economics and BAFS Teacher
Ms.CHAN JessicaS6CW Class Teacher, Chinese and Chinese Literature Teacher
Mr.CHAN RaphaelS2CL Class Teacher, Mathematics Teacher
Ms.CHAN SariaHead of Year (S2), Science Teacher
Ms.CHAN SoyingS3CT Class Teacher, Physics and Mathematics Teacher
Mr.CHAN SunnyS1CH Class Teacher,  Mathematics Teacher
Ms.CHAN SusannaS3CY Class Teacher,  Chinese History Teacher
Mr.CHAN TomS4YC Class Teacher, Chemistry Coordinator, Chemistry and Science Teacher
Ms.CHAN WingS4CY Class Teacher, Mathematics Teacher
Ms.CHANG ViennaHead of Year (S1), Chinese Teacher
Mr.CHENG HoraceS6FW Class Teacher, Mathematics  Coordinator (Junior), Mathematics Teacher
Mr.CHENG MichaelS4CL Class Teacher,  Geography, Life and Society and Humanities Teacher
Mr.CHEUK LaurenceHead of Technology, S6CC Class Teacher, ICT Teacher
Ms.CHEUNG AristaS1CW Class Teacher,  Chinese Teacher
Mr.CHEUNG KenHead of Chinese, S5CH Class Teacher, Chinese Teacher
Ms.CHEUNG PensyS2CT Class Teacher, Chinese History Teacher
Ms.CHEUNG SabrinaS4BC Class Teacher, Mathematics Teacher
Mr.CHEUNG ThomasS5CL Class Teacher, LS Teacher, Life and Society Teacher
Mr.CHEUNG VincentS3CK Class Teacher,  Chinese Teacher
Mr.CHING BenjaminS6YC Class Teacher, English  Coordinator (Senior), English Teacher
Mr.CHIU ChrisHead of LS and PSHE, LS and Humanities Teacher
Ms.CHIU EstherS5CL Class Teacher, Chinese Teacher
Ms.CHO KarenS6FW Class Teacher, ELA Coordinator, Physical Education Teacher,  Creative Arts and Sports Education Teacher
Ms.CHOI JessieS1CH Class Teacher, Chinese Teacher
Ms.CHOW NaomiS6CC Class Teacher, Chinese Teacher
Ms.CHOY VivienHead of Year (S6), Head of Moral & Civic Education Committee, English Teacher
Mr.DEMPSEY StephanS2DL Class Teacher, English Teacher
Ms.FAN CeciliaS3FW Class Teacher, Chinese Teacher
Ms.HO AndaS5CH Class Teacher,  LS and Geography Teacher
Mr.HO SamS5KS Class Teacher, Head of English, English Teacher
Mr.HUNG StefanS1CH Class Teacher,  Humanities and LS Teacher
Ms.IP AnnaS5CI Class Teacher, Chinese Teacher
Mr.KO KennyS5KS Class Teacher,  BAFS Teacher
Mr.KONG ChapmanS3CK Class Teacher, Science and Physics Teacher
Mr.KUK DanielMusic, Creative Arts and Sports Education Teacher
Mr.LAI PatrickHead of Inclusive & Gifted Education, S5LN Class Teacher, Mathematics Teacher
Ms.LAM EunicePhysical Education Teacher, Creative Arts and Sports Education Teacher
Mr.LAM GaryHead of Science, Biology Teacher
Mr.LAMBERT JennaS1LM Class Teacher, English Teacher
Ms.LAW ArdenneS1LM Class Teacher,  BAFS, Business and Humanities Teacher
Ms.LEE AppleS2DL Class Teacher,  Humanities Teacher
Mr.LEUNG AndrewS4LT Class Teacher, Biology and Science Teacher
Ms.LEUNG JoanS4CL Class Teacher, English Teacher
Ms.LEUNG JoanneHead of Year (S5), English Teacher, Literature in English Teacher
Ms.LI AngelaS2CL Class Teacher, Chinese Teacher
Ms.LI EstherHead of Sports, Physical Education Teacher, Creative Arts and Sports Education  Teacher
Ms.LI EuniceS3LM Class Teacher, Mathematics Teacher
Ms.MA VanessaS2CM Class Teacher,  English Teacher
Mr.MOHAMMAD ThairHead of Publication, English Coordinator (Junior), S1LM Class Teacher, English Teacher
Mr.MUI BartleS3LM Class Teacher, Science and Physics Teacher
Ms.NG JanetTechnology & Living Teacher
Ms.SHAM RobertaS1SW Class Teacher,  English Teacher
Mr.SHEA MarkHead of Mathematics, S6CW Class Teacher, Mathematics Teacher
Ms.SHEIK ZarifaS5KS Class Teacher,  Chemistry and Science Teacher
Ms.SHUM DorothyHead of Admission and Careers Guidance, Head of Career and Life Planning, Biology Teacher
Ms.SPIERS HayleyS1ST Class Teacher, Drama and English Teacher
Ms.SU Chao YingS6YC Class Teacher, Visual Arts and  Creative Arts and Sports Education  Teacher
Mr.SUM FreddieHead of Extended Learning Activities, Head of Event Management, English Teacher
Mr.TANG PeterS1CT Class Teacher, History, Chinese History and Life & Society Teacher
Mr.TANG WesleyS2CT Class Teacher, English Teacher
Ms.TO FayeS2BT Class Teacher, LS and Life & Society Teacher
Ms.TO LorraineHead of Student Leadership Committee, Deputy Head of Pastoral Care, English Teacher, Literature in English Teacher
Mr.TONG JackyS1ST Class Teacher, Mathematics Teacher
Ms.TSAI ChristyS3AT Class Teacher, Biology Teacher
Mr.TSE MartinS3CT Class Teacher, English Teacher
Mr.TSE WoodyS2TC Class Teacher, Mathematics Teacher
Ms.TSO JennyS4LT Class Teacher, Chinese Coordinator (Senior), Chinese Teacher
Mr.WANG YuS1SW Class Teacher,  Chinese Teacher
Mr.WONG AlexS1SW Class Teacher, Mathematics Teacher
Ms.WONG AprilHead of Year (S4), Chinese Teacher
Ms.WONG FronniaS5LN Class Teacher, Chinese Teacher
Mr.WONG GilbertHead of Year (S1), ICT Teacher
Mr.WONG TimothyS1CW Class Teacher,  LS and Life & Society Teacher
Mr.WU MarcusS3FW Class Teacher, Physics Teacher
Ms.YAM LydiaS6CY Class Teacher, Chinese Teacher
Mr.YEUNG ArthurHead of IT Administration, Mathematics Teacher
Ms.YEUNG YonS4YC Class Teacher, Chinese  Coordinator (Junior), Chinese Teacher
Mr.YIP MichaelS3CY Class Teacher,  Mathematics Teacher
Mr.YIU LokmanHead of Year (S3), Business and Economics Teacher
Mr.YU JonathanHead of Year (S5), Head of Portfolio Management, Mathematics Teacher
Mr.YU SebastianS4CY Class Teacher, LS Coordinator, LS and Life & Society Teacher
Mr.YU StevenS6CY Class Teacher, Chemistry Teacher






Non-Teaching Staff

Ms.NG SaraHead of Administration
Ms.CHANG Carrie Senior Accounting Officer
Mr.HO MartinAdministration Officer
 LI JoanAdministration Officer
Ms.AU TinaAdministration Staff
Ms.CHOW FannyAdministration Staff
Mr.HUNG AlexAdministration Staff
Mr. LEE HeidiAdministration Staff
Ms.LEUNG IreneAdministration Staff
Ms.TAM RaymondAdministration Staff
Mr.WONG MandyAdministration Staff
Ms.YIM KathyAdministration Staff
Mr.YIP Chi HungAdministration Staff
Ms.YUEN PearlAdministration Staff (Career Guidance)
Ms.LEUNG MaggieActivity Assistant
Mr.LO Ivan Senior IT Technician
Mr.CHOI IanIT Technician
Mr.NG LarryIT Technician
Mr.YIU ChrisIT Technician
Ms.MA CleoSenior Laboratory Technician
Ms.CHAN CarmenLaboratory Technician
Mr.LEE JeffLaboratory Technician
Ms.YU JenniferLibrarian
Ms.CHAN KammySchool Nurse (Part-time)