Flourishing Community

HKUGA College has implemented Positive Education since 2018-19.  We see this as a natural progression for our young school to bring our Community forward with a positive outlook.


The wellbeing of our Community is our Major Concern for this development period.  To achieve this, we capitalize on Four Underpinnings and Six Positive Elements as a means of strategising, articulating and practicing particular activities to impact wellbeing in various ways. With the above in mind, our tagline for our development approach is 1-4-6:


1 Major Concern - Wellbeing (of all members of our Community)


4 Underpinnings - (across all aspects of school life)

  1. To integrate Chinese cultural understanding with an international view to global citizenship
  2. To explore, draw upon and build character strengths
  3. To rephrase language across the Community
  4. To explore and foster growth mindsets

6 Positive Elements - for looking at how our different strategies and activities in school help shape our characters as lifelong learners.




We have learned a lot from pioneers in the field of Positive Education from the Institute of Positive Education in Australia, incorporating their approach into our Asian school context.


We aim to share this initiative and our learning progress with others, and as a member of the Hong Kong Positive Schools Network, are happy to meet schools interested in exploring Positive Education. Please contact our office to arrange an appointment for collaborative opportunities.