A. Scholarships for S1 applicants

Scholarships for applicants are awarded on individual merits up to the full amount of the school fees.

Criteria for scholarship awards:

  1. Excellent academic performance or achievements in art / music / sport
  2. Outstanding personal and social performance
  3. Recommendation by applicant’s primary school Principal

Please click here to download the application form. 
Please click here to download the principal’s recommendation form. 


The application for scholarship of 2023-2024 is now opened. Applicants who wish to apply for the scholarship should submit their scholarship application form and principal’s recommendation form in hardcopy to our school’s general office at least three working days before attending our final admission interview.


B. Scholarship for current students

  1. Academic scholarship
    Academic scholarship is awarded to students who have exceptional academic results every year. The awarding process is based on students’ internal results. No application is required. 
  2. Sports scholarship
    In view of the rapid development of our Sports teams and the potentials of our students, a Sports Scholarship Scheme was set up to encourage students to persevere and stretch their potentials to achieve their best in various sports events. 
Application period:11/7/2022 to 12/8/2022
Eligibility:S2 to S6 students
Application method:Completed application form, nomination form and other relevant documents should be submitted to school office by hand or by post on or before 12/8/2022

Please click here for the application form.