What's Out There?

Year Level Learning Trips

Based on our school context, our learning trips have undergone a process of development as their design how a vertical flow from experiencing Self, Culture, Multicultural Exploration and lastly Serving in Different Cultures.  These trips are highlights of the HKUGA College experience with most describing the learning as something that could not be achieved within the classroom. The overview is described further below:


S1 Camp

  1. To build self-confidence and awareness
  2. To build a sense of responsibility
  3. To foster early leadership
  4. To promote environmental awareness


S2 Cultural Trip

  1. To analyze why and how interacting relationships arise between foreign and local cultures
  2. To relate knowledge of other cultures with our self concepts
  3. To learn about the biodiversity in the tropical regions and reflect on the importance of environmental conservation
  4. To explore how innovation and technology could help address urban challenges


S3 Multicultural Exploration + Cross Curricular Project

  1. To explore the history, present and future development of a multicultural society i.e. Singapore
  2. To experience and learn more about education systems in a multicultural society
  3. To compare the development/culture/policies of different societies and Hong Kong
  4. To expand our understanding of what it means to be a global citizen


 S4 Service in Different Cultures - Vietnam or Cambodia

  1. To plan and initiate service in a less developed country
  2. To experience those less privileged circumstances and gain insights into caring for others
  3. To develop students to be reflective learners who appreciate their place in the world
  4. To experience and glean from different cultures

Throughout the trips, students actively target different learning objectives within varying activities as well as gain a deeper understanding of their character strengths and how they can use or cultivate them in multiple settings.  This learning culminates in the completion of a learning booklet that encapsulates key features of their daily individual and group reflections.


Additional Student Trips

There are also opportunities to experience of the wider world through trips linked with subjects, Chinese Cultural Enhancement, Sister School Project and CERS.


For CERS (Chinese Exploration and Research Society), we are privileged to have forged a relationship with this organisation that has had a massive impact on world understanding and the conservation of both wildlife and human cultures through education and entrepreneurial efforts.  There are multiple sites to be explored, and as a school, we currently send subsidised students off the ‘beaten track’ to Myanmar and Shangrila.  The learning from these trips is brought back into the school through multiple streams throughout the year.

Sister School Scheme

The Sister School Scheme serves as a platform to facilitate exchange between Hong Kong and schools in other countries.  Through exchange and collaboration, sister schools have expanded their network, enhanced understanding and communication, strengthened cultural interflow, and achieved mutual advancement.