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Our Student Leaders
Our Student Leaders

“The smiles and laughter of my fellow schoolmates often lightens up my day. That’s one of the reasons that kept me going. While students enjoy themselves in an event, we are enjoying ourselves too.”
Emily Lai of S5KS, Chairperson of Student Council 2018-19


“I have joined Peer Counsellor Team for two years. I like to help others. Seeing the S1 students smile gives me the greatest sense of satisfaction.”
Hugo Cheung of S5CC, Peer Counsellor Team Head 2019-20


“I want to be in SC so I could take care of the wellbeing of students at HKUGAC and be the bridge between students and teachers!”
Ryan Chung of S4YC, Vice Chairperson of Student Council 2019-20


“We would like to create more opportunities for our House members to unleash their potential”
Megan O of S5K, Copland House Captain 2019-20


“I hope that we can serve the best interests of students and develop a flourishing community for everyone. The most interesting part in the Prefect Camp is the City Hunt. Everyone was actively participating in the game. We sweated a lot, but we gained understanding of the importance of collaboration and compassion within a team striving for excellence.”
Rico Mak of S5CH, Head Prefect 2019-20

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As our students are the future pillars of our society, we would like to engage them in a wide range of meaningful tasks so they could appreciate and savour every moment at school.  By joining the Student Leadership Team students increase their resilience by taking up challenges that  benefit all.


Serving as student leaders does not only mean taking up more responsibilities but also to look for a greater sense of purpose, serving our community, and ensuring that everyone is well taken care of. Ranging from class activities to whole school events. Our student leaders are given opportunities to set their goals and success criteria, realizing their dreams through organizing activities for their peers. Several programmes, including Global Leaders’ Talks and Leadership Camp will be conducted to help our students unleash their potential.