10 September 2021 - House X Charity Leaders Collaboration

12 Oct 2021
Student Leadership


House X Charity Leaders Collaboration 


  • Canned Food Drive


Although Hong Kong is a wealthy and prosperous city, 1.4 million people live in poverty. In other words, for every five people in Hong Kong, one lives below the poverty line. Therefore, to help the underprivileged, the Charity team cooperated with the Houses and organised a canned food drive in the second week of September.  We collected about 1600 cans from 8/9 to 10/9 and have decided to donate them to Food Angel, a non-profit organisation in Hong Kong. We were extremely delighted to see over half of the school population participate in this charity event and gain even better awareness of social issues, like poverty, in our city’s lower income groups. 


  • Dress Down Day 


In addition to the canned food drive, we also organised a Dress Down Day on 10/9. Students were encouraged to wear their respective house colours and donate $20 for their “dress down”. Although $20 is a relatively small sum of money, it can accumulate significantly with contributions from everyone. In total, our school raised over $11,000 and has decided to donate the funds to various charitable organisations. It was an amazing experience to organise events that gave back to the community!