3 September 2021 - House Orientation Day

03 Sep 2021
Student Leadership


House captains held their very annual general meeting on 3rd September, 2021. All members, including teachers, were invited to join the activities. The day officially marked the beginning of the new house captains’ journey. 


The main purpose of this house orientation day was to welcome new house members and provide them with a chance to bond as a group. 


The captains’ speeches mainly focused on the first round of house competitions - canned food drive and Dress Down Day. As the competition was one week after the House Orientation Day, the vice-captains who were in charge of this part emphasized the details of the competitions so that the members would have a clear idea to join the competition. Another highlight of the house meeting was the three ice-breaking games and the photo-taking session with the members. Each of the games was mostly hosted by one captain while the other captain was in charge of monitoring other members. 


From our observation, different members generally cooperated well with the captains and committee members. They focused during the presentations, and enjoyed the ice-breaking games. The atmosphere of the whole meeting was joyful and relaxing. The next house meeting will be held in October which mainly focuses on Sports Day. We cannot wait to join the next house activity. 


Katrina Wong, Captain of Austen