8 May 2021 - The Enactus Social Innovation Challenge

08 May 2021

The Enactus Social Innovation Challenge has officially ended on 8th May 2021. The whole competition took around two months with 3 rounds in total, including a youth forum on waste charging scheme, a proposal writing on solving the waste problem in Hong Kong and the final presentation on our proposed idea. This year, the theme of the competition was Sustainable Development Goal 12- Responsible Production and Consumption. Therefore, our team, named ‘9.81’, proposed a social innovation project to upcycle textile waste into colourful cement pots that have a wide range of uses—flower pots, containers for accessories, coins and textbooks, to name a few.


During the whole month of our planning, we have dug into the waste problem in our hometown, especially textile waste. We have discovered the loopholes in the current garment recycling situation and the adverse effects of the skyrocketing development of fast fashion. We have also taken this opportunity to think out of the box for innovative ideas to deal with the local waste problem and reach out to a local garment recycling company, Retrovert, asking for collaboration. We have reached new limits and gained invaluable experience in the competition. This competition is absolutely a priceless opportunity and an unforgettable experience for all of us! 


Special thanks to Mr Brian Chan, Mr Timothy Wong, Ms Faye To and other LS teachers for giving us a lot of constructive comments to improve our plan and presentation. Without all your support, we would not have gotten the first-runner up! Thank you!


S5YC - Jocelyn Heung

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