15 April 2023 - History Field Trip

15 Apr 2023

History Club Field Trip - Sheung Wan & Central


Hong Kong’s busy streets of Central are well known among the locals, but the history contained within the small, yet lively district is the true gem of our beloved city. Every place has a story to tell, whether or not we have the curiosity to find out for ourselves.


The club went on a 3-hour trip to explore the hidden “ruins” of Central and Sheung Wan. We are fortunate to have Mr Thomas Ma and Mr Wilson Choi lead the club to visit multiple sites and locations. One of these locations is the Terrace ‘Rednexela’, which was ‘Alexander’ spelt backwards due to the translation and language differences between Chinese and English.


Moving along, we went to the Jamia Mosque, one of the first mosques that introduced Western Muslim religion to Hong Kong. The unique greenish color is astounding at first sight; the small yet lively mosque gives us an insight into how religion was perceived by Hong Kong residents back in the 1800s.


The Catholic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception was another fascinating location, explaining how Chinese people adopted Catholicism. It was mentioned in the history books that Japanese bombs blew up one section of the pillar dropped during WWII, leading to the belief that it was a miracle given from the heavens. Even the brutal conflict of world war cannot bring down a holy church.


Overall, the field trip was an eye-opening experience for all of us, feeling more connected to the city we live in and better understanding Hong Kong’s modern history. Witnessing the past remains and infrastructure in the present gives us a sense of pride, reminding us of Hong Kong’s remarkable past at its finest.


S5CC (12) Lam Tsz Him Matthew & S5BW (21) So Hoi Ching Chloe

15 April 2023 - History Field Trip15 April 2023 - History Field Trip15 April 2023 - History Field Trip