Hazel So

Hazel So, Trainee Solicitor

Our school and our teachers were most supportive of us. They inspired us to aim high and dream big. They thought we could do anything we wanted. We were valued as unique individuals, and encouraged to develop wide-ranging interests. They gave us freedom and told us we would shine like stars. Classmates I met in the College became my lifelong friends. Now that I am formally an “adult”, I am sometimes discouraged by the hardships of life. Thankfully, our school’s unreserved confidence and belief in us instilled in me hope and strength to face life’s challenges.


Hazel graduated from HKUGA College in 2012, and then pursued Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and Postgraduate Certificate (PCLL) at the University of Hong Kong. She is currently working as a trainee solicitor, hoping to contribute to the community with her passion for law and justice.

Navin Tsang

Navin Tsang, PhD Researcher

I am currently a researcher pursuing a PhD degree in astrophysics. This career requires strong self-learning skills across many different disciplines and a vivid imagination to connect various observations and theories. The school’s Science curriculum laid a strong foundation and scientific acumen crucial for my job, while the project-based Humanities classes taught me how to be self-driven, allowing me to distinguish what’s important and what’s not in an evidence-based, well-rounded approach. My teachers never stopped pushing me to join competitions in a variety of fields, whether in science or sports, and asked me to have confidence in myself, helping me through failures and discouragement I often experience now as a researcher.


Navin graduated from HKUGA College in 2013, and then pursued MMathPhys Master in Mathematical and Theoretical Physics at the University of Oxford. Starting from 2017, Navin has begun his journey as a researcher of Physics at the University of California Santa Barbara.


Wyn Kon

Anson Chan, World Cup Champion of Freestyle Skating (2015)

Through interacting with my University colleagues from many other secondary schools, I discovered that the emphasis on nurturing enthusiasm is what differentiates HKUGA College. Being enthusiastic simply means doing what you truly enjoy, and our school has a great reputation in discovering and building such passion. Throughout my years at the college, I was not only encouraged to engage in my sporting career but also offered specialized education support whenever I took breaks for competitions. I wouldn’t be able to easily shift between academics and sports without the care of teachers and the holistic development initiatives curated by the school management. When I interviewed for Cornell University (where I currently study at), they mentioned that universities, especially the Ivy League ones, greatly appreciate enthusiasm as a personal trait. I am therefore extremely grateful for the school’s approach in cultivating enthusiasm, which eventually becomes a signature characteristic for HKUGA College students and alumni.


Anson graduated from HKUGA College in 2017, and then pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Management with Finance at the University of Warwick. He was the champion of freestyle skating in World Cup 2015 and Asian Cup 2018. Currently, he is studying at Cornell University for masters in applied economics.