16 October 2021 – S4 Life Simulation workshop

16 Oct 2021
Career & Life Planning

On 16 October 2021, all S4 students had a great time participating in a life workshop, “Life Channel – Life Simulation Workshop”, organized by the Aberdeen Kai Fong Association in collaboration with the Career & Life Planning Committee and the Pastoral Committee.To begin with, each student was assigned a unique identity randomly with different DSE results and personal assets as the starting point of the game. Students were then encouraged to plan their personal goals in different areas of “life”, including post-secondary education, career, marriage, travelling, investment, fulfilling civil responsibility, etc. Within the two-hour experiential activity, booths and stations were set up in the hall and in different classrooms where students could experience and gain perspectives of their future plans. After the life-simulation game, small group discussion and debriefing were held by experienced social workers and workshop organisers who guided us to reflect upon the life choices we made and learn to respect the life choices of others.


The workshop was a meaningful experience to say the least. Students not only better understood their core values through the game, but were also guided to set careers and life goals step-by-step. Students are also taught to appreciate the diversity of life choices and that there is no single right answer in life. Most importantly, students were enlightened to face adversities with resilience and a growth mindset when fulfilling their purpose in life.


S4BW (22) Lo Cheuk Ling Sophia